The Project Brochure contains the most important facts and figures about EC-LINC. Contact data for each country can be found there as well. Download

 Training Material

  • Training Manual

The training manual contains the fundamental knowledge the energy savings advisors in EC-LINC need to perform the energy checks in low-income households. The manual has especially been developed to make the relevant information on energy related matters comprehensible for lay-people. Download

  • Training Modules (Slides)

In addition to the training manual the slides can be used to give training to future energy savings advisors:


  • Lesson planner template



  • Curriculum

The curriculum furthermore provides helpful information for trainers on the presentation of the manual’s contents to energy savings advisors to-be, i.e. people who possibly have no technical education in energy-specific professions. Download

Tools for Household Consultation

  • Template for Data Collection

A common model was developed for the questionnaire for the energy check. This template for data collection was useful a.o. to ensure the uniformity of the collected data during the energy checks in the pilot projects. This basis for the questionnaire was the common model developed at the end of Work Package 2. This questionnaire is also programmed into the software tool, so as to enable easy input of the recorded data into the software tool. Download


  • Country reports on the pre-conditions of the consultation service

The first report, Country reports on the pre-conditions of the consultation service, describes the context in each partner country which is relevant to the EC-LINC advice service e.g. energy market, average household energy consumption, energy efficiency standards, overview of fuel poverty, political framework, water efficiency policies, and unemployment trends. The report concluded that whilst there are many similar issues amongst countries, the different circumstances highlight the need to tailor the EC-LINC energy efficiency advice service for each country. Download

  • Description of the common model and additional elements

The second report, Description of the common model and additional elements , outlines three examples of best practice energy efficiency or fuel poverty projects from each partner country. Common themes and approaches of existing initiatives as well as aspects of the projects which may differ between countries depending on the circumstances or existing initiatives are described here. This report also provides the findings of background research, for example, on other IEE funded programmes that provide useful lessons for EC-LINC. Download

Common Performance Indicators

The common performance indicators show the estimated savings of the project EC-Linc. Download


Presentation held at conference Activate Community –  Through Joint Actions  to Lower Energy Bills on 31st January 2012. Download

Compilation of Relevant Information Material on Energy Efficieny

This is a detailed list of information material on energy efficiency and water conservation in private households, covering both recommendations for the purchase of efficient appliances as well as advice on consumer behavior, divided into 9 themes (cooking, heating, investments …). This detailed overview is used to compile information material (leaflets …) on national language. Download

Tools for Project Administration

  • Quality Criteria for Energy and Water Saving Devices

The following criteria for energy and water saving devices have been agreed upon by the consortium of EC-LINC as recommendations for purchasing high quality products. Download

  • Material List

This list contains for all energy and watersaving devices a detailed overview of relevant technical values on average savings estimation per year, lifetime etc. These values have been among others used in the software tool. Download

  • Training Manual for Software Tool

This manual explains all aspects necessary to start using the software tool: the installation, the setting by the administrator, how to input data from the energy check, the reporting module including the household report etc. Download

  • Software Tool for Data Collection and Processing

The software tool is designed as a multi-language tool, so that it can be used after the necessary adjustments and translation, into several languages of member states. For more info about the use of this tool: see the manual. The download link for this software can be obtained by sending a request by email to KOMOSIE (info) with as subject: “Request for use of EC-LINC software” and a short description of your intention of use.