Development of a successful approach

As a federation of environmental enterprises in the social economy KOMOSIE supports since 2007 “the energy saving enterprises” to accomplish Energy Surveys. This is due to a public service obligation of the Distribution System Operators. In the course of this project approximately 75 % of the 308 municipalities choose to cooperate with the “Energy Savers”, lower educated and long-term unemployed people, trained to implement ‘energy saving interventions. About 34,000 households have been consulted in 2011!

Since 2008 roof insulation is part of the programme. This approach is executed in cooperation with the building sector. 1,000 roofs could be insulated in 2011. At the moment further research is focused on other possibilities as well (e. g. Insulation of walls, cellars and floors).

For the EC-LINC pilot project the Energy Savers will focus on a special target group namely “tenants on the private housing market”, because this group is very vulnerable and mostly dependant on the goodwill of the owner to support energy saving measures.

After a thorough energy survey, we will discuss the possibilities of starting up an assembly between tenant and landlord to consider the possibility of roof insulation. In 2012/2013 the Flemish government foresees an extra grant for this target group. It will be a challenge to reach and convince this vulnerable group. We hope to learn from the experience of the other European partners and of course will share our know-how collected in these households.

An Coninx