KOMOSIE (Koepel van Milieuondernemers in de Sociale Economie) is a federation of environmental enterprises in the social economy. KOMOSIE was established in order to group, represent and support social economy enterprises that are related to environmental protection.

Their members have two main goals: environmental protection (reuse, energy saving) and creating and maintaining social employment. For the “Energy Savers”, the reach of low income households and social vulnerable people is an extra objective. “Energy Savers” are lower skilled or long-term unemployed people who are trained to implement energy saving interventions and who work within a social economy organization “the energy saving enterprise”. For the energy saving project, KOMOSIE brings together the project initiators (the enterprises) on a regular basis. KOMOSIE supports them with information and standardised training and encourages the exchange of experiences and expertise; sector building and cooperation. Their main goals are a further professionalisation and to broaden their network in Flanders.