e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH provides consulting, research and professional training in the fields of energy policy and energy economy. Founded in July 2007, the company is based in Vienna, Austria. In its work, e7 puts a focus on questions and challenges regarding energy efficiency, application of renewable sources of energy and climate protection.

One major focus of the portfolio of e7 is consulting for private companies (energy companies as well as technology providers) and public institutions on energy- and climate-political instruments and basic conditions, for example

Measures and instruments for the dissemination of energy efficiency technology.

Strategic advise for branches, organizations and companies in the face of changing frameworkconditions in energy and climate policies.

Formulation of target group specific information material and brochures for final consumers.

Analyzing the Austrian heat market (energy costs, development of hetaing systems, influence of the building code, ..)

Analyzing and improving regulatory policies and other framework conditions for the market penetration of efficient energy use in different demand sectors
Monitoring and analyses of energy and climate political effects.

The most important resource of e7 is the technical-scientific and economic expertise of the team, based on long-term experience in research, customer oriented consultancy as well as in networking and the implementation of large-scale projects and programs on both national and international level.